Thrumpton Hall
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1. Thrumpton Hall

Thrumpton Hall is a magnificant mansion originally built in the 16th century but greatly transformed in the early 17th century by the Pigott family.

Two notable features are a beautifully carved staircase and an exquisite double-cube reception room overlooking the formal gardens.

In the 1820's, the house and lands were further improved by Emerton, the lawyer of the ruined Pigotts to whom the house had fallen to. These included the creation of a lake that now lies to the front of the house a pavilion which now stands to the west of the house and a 350 acre park which he and his descendants landscaped and planted with rare specimen trees.

In 1838, the house was inherited by Mr Emerton's 16 year old niece, who was married to Lord Byron. Byron's nephew (the 10th Lord Byron) was succeeded by his nephew, George Fitzroy Seymour, father of the present owner, Miranda Seymour and daughter of the Hon. Rosemary Seymour who still reside in Thrumpton Hall.

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