Get Set Weekend

Get Set Weekend

Saturday 16 March 2024, 10:00
Saturday 13 April 2024, 17:00
Nigel Barrett
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Following on from the refurbishment of the bar and kitchen we have the ground to prepare for the new season as well as some final painting and cleaning tasks for the pavilion.

To do this we have joined the ECB 'Get Set Weekend' which has provided some money and a glossy poster, but the work will have to be done by us!

So from Saturday 16th March and all subsequent Saturdays and Sundays we will be hosting Get Set Weekends to finish off the pavilion works and get the ground ready for our first match on Sunday 14th April.

Please let the club know through your WhatsApp group of your availability by dates and time on all Saturdays and Sundays from 16th March and we will organise the tasks to be done according to the workforce availability. We hope to be overwhelmed by your offers of help and will confirm to you before the dates the tasks you've been allocated. Teas, coffees and background music will be provided.

The graphic shows a sample of some of the jobs to be done.

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Nigel Barrett
Nigel Barrett