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Badgers Fantasy Cricket Is Back!

Badgers Fantasy Cricket Is Back!

Mark Sampson26 Apr - 18:00
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Get involved and pick your Badgers XI Today

Entry is open to players, club members, friends, family, absolutely anyone is able to submit a team. So feel free to invite people.

Follow the link below to access the site:

The rules are simple; each player has been assigned a value and category from:

  • Batsman
  • Bowler
  • Wicket Keeper
  • All Rounder

Assigning values has been the trickiest part, but we have tried to be realistic and fair. Values have been based upon several factors including, points from the 2023 season, peoples expected role in the team they are selected and an element of judgement. Valuations will change throughout the season dependent on performance and selection within fantasy teams.

Each team has a budget of £55m, and each team must contain 11 players and the make-up of each team is flexible in terms of how many players can be selected from each position. Team managers must select at least one player from each position and up to a maximum of 5 batters, 5 bowlers, 3 all rounders, and 1 keeper

Managers may alter their teams at any point during the Season.

1 FREE TRANSFER is available each week and additional transfers are permitted, but will incur a cost of -20 points per transfer.

When a captain is transferred out of a team, the team will be without a captain and a new one should be selected.

New players can be added to the list upon request or selection for a league team.


  • All players are eligible to earn points of any type.
  • Batters will get points for taking wickets and bowlers will get points for scoring runs.
  • Each team can select a captain who will earn double points each week. You may change your captain each week if you wish.
  • Players will score points as detailed below:


  • 1 points per run
  • 10 points for a not out
  • 20 points for scoring 50+ runs
  • 40 points for scoring 100+ runs
  • -20 points for scoring a duck


  • 15 points per wicket
  • 30 points for taking 5+ wickets
  • 3 points per maiden
  • -20 points for conceding 50+ runs (without taking a wicket)


  • 10 points per catch
  • 15 points per stumping
  • 20 points per run out

Good luck to all those who are going to participate. There will be a prize at the end of the season for the winner of the League.

The intention is for this to be a bit of fun, so I hope it will be taken this way.

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