Thrumpton 1980-89 1 of 10

1. 1980

Officials for the 1980 season

President Hon. Mr G Seymour

Vice Presidents Mrs B Smith Mr Porter Mr C Moore Mr C Towers Mr R Horobin Mr A Small
Mr & Mrs Towers Mr F Priestley Mr S Chettle Mrs M Small


Treasurer Mr S Shaw

General Secretary Mrs M Shaw

Fixture Secretary Mr Ron Priestley

Committee Committee Mr R Priestley Mr R Chettle Mr R Pick Mr G Shaw Mr W Pepper Mr A Pepper Mr J Smith Mr J Dewsbury Mr I Adkin Mr A Pick Mr M Priestley Mr A Footitt

Groundsman Mr E Chettle Mr J Smith

Scorer Mrs M Chettle

Umpire Mr S Shaw Mr J Smith Mr A Pepper Mr E Chettle

Saturday Captain Mr I Adkin

Sunday Captain Mr R Smith

Evening League Captain Mr R Pick

Vice Captain Mr A Footitt



The club played a total of 56 matches Won 22 Lost 33 Drawn 1 for 6064 runs



Batsman of the Year Andy Pick 31.8

Bowler of the Year Andy Pick 65 wickets for 8.04

Fielder of the Year Mark Priestley

Catches Walter Pepper Geof Shaw Bob Pick 13 catches

Single Wicket Neil Shaw


A general meeting was held in the village hall on Friday 14th November 1980 in the presence of 19 members. Mr G Seymour took the chair. Apologies were received from Mr R Pick and Mr G Footitt.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and were signed by the Chairman to be a correct record.

Thr Treasurers report was read by Mr D Swift who has taken over due to the illness of Mr S Shaw who was unable to carry on as Treasurer.

During the previous season the club had played 56 matches Won 22 and Lost 33 and drawn 1 for a total of 6064 runs.

The Officials for the 1981 season were elected as follows.

President Mr G Seymour

Treasurer Mr D Swift

General Secretary Mrs M Shaw

Fixture Secretary Mr R Priestley

The Vice Presidents were voted en bloc.

The captains were then elected for the 1981 season as follows

Saturday Captain Mr I Adkin

Sunday Captain Mr G Shaw

Evening League Mr R Pick

Vice Captain Mr A Footitt

The committee was re elected as the previous year with the addition of Mr R Smith

The Umpires were then elected Mr J Smith Mr A Pepper Mr R Smith

Scorer Mrs M Chettle

With the exception of Mr S Shaw and Mr S Pepper the committee was the same as last year

After running one whist drive it was decided that all others except the Christmas Whist Drive on December 18th to be cancelled.

It was proposed that the yearly subscription be raised to £5 per member and match fees to be 50p. This proposal was carried by 10 votes to 2.

It was reported that the sight screens had been purchased from the Trent Polytechnic College for £10 and had been repaired and painted.

It was arranged that the annual dinner would be held on either Friday or Saturday February 13th or 14th 1981.

The hotpot supper which was held on halloween night was a great success and it was proposed that a letter of thanks be sent to the organisers Rosemary Small and Christine Chettle.

Mr G Shaw thanked Mr G Seymour on behalf of the club for the toilet facilities and also for the use of the Cricket Pitch.

The meeting then closed with a vote of thanks to the President for his continued interest in the club.


Nottingham Evening League 1980 Division 4

Captain Mr R Pick

Bell Fruit12804654
City Education12615847
Royal Ordnance Factory12606743
Gedling Village12309220

Nottingham Evening League Fixtures & Results

May-13Royal Ordanance Factory85-7Thrumpton62
May-22Thrumpton Sycamore
Jun-03Bell Fruit Thrumpton
Jun-12Thrumpton Gedling Village
Jun-18City Education Thrumpton
Jun-25Ivanhoe Thrumpton
Jul-03Thrumpton Royal Ordanance Factory A Pick 5-5
Jul-08Sycamore Thrumpton
Jul-24ThrumptonBell Fruit
Jul-30Gedling VillageThrumpton
Aug-07ThrumptonCity Education

Nottm Evening League Cup



Whitbread Village Cricket Cup



Thrumpton Fixtures & Results (All games marked Sc have a full scorecard below)

Saturday Captain Ivan Adkin

Captain Steve Pepper

Jun-01ThrumptonA Labbatte 82RavensheadA Footitt 6-56
Jun-16Bulwell181-3Thrumpton96H Pick 40
Jul-14Notts HarringtonThrumpton
Jul-11ThrumptonSherwoodG Shaw 7-39
Jul-12Thrumpton145-6A Pick 80 noWilsons130-8A Pick 5-44Sc
Jul-19Dorchester140-8R Priestley 3-30Thrumpton142-6G Shaw 44Sc
R Pick 37
Aug-16ThrumptonA Footitt 50Long Eaton Meths
Aug-17ThrumptonTudorA Footitt 8-49
Sep-07Clifton231-8A Pick 3-49Thrumpton192A Pick 58Sc


12th July 1980 Wilsons v Thrumpton Thrumpton won by 15 runs

Played at Highfields

I AdkinBowledN Steane2R KnightsCt andBowledG Shaw17
BowledP Freeman30D NattrassBowledA Pick6
G ShawRunOut2J MooreBowledA Pick4
R PickCt K WhiteBowledN Steane0S LeahyLBWBowledA Pick24
A PickNotOut80. HarbronBowledA Pick1
N ShawBowledN Steane7F AhmedNotOut44
A FootittCt S LeahyBowledN Steane15P FreemanBowledA Pick5
S PickNotOut1N SteaneCt W PepperBowledA Footitt1
R PriestleyDNBB SharpeRunOut6
W PepperDNBK WhiteCtBowledA Footitt4
S PepperDNBK ReedNotOut1
P Freeman13-2-40-1A Pick20-6-44-5
N Steane10-3-39-4R Priestley6-1-13-0
K White7-1-17-0G Shaw7-1-24-0
K Reed6-2-21-0A Footitt7-1-29-2
R Knights4-0-27-0


19th July 1980 Dorchester v Thrumpton played at King George V

D Harrisonct Dilksb R Priestley25R Priestleyb T Elsey8
C Brooksct G Shawb R Priestley9I Adkinct C Franksb T Elsey6
P Screvinct D Swiftb R Chettle32G Shaw b T Elsey44
N Troutb R Priestley0R Pickb D Harrison37
R Adamsct unsureb R Chettle28A BaileyNotOut32
M Rattenburyct A Footittb G Shaw12R SmithNotOut2
N Taylorb G Shaw19P Bailey
A PearsonRunOut2R Smithson
T BerresfordNotOut1R Chettle
R AdamsNotOut0A Footitt
T ElseyDNBD Swift
P Bailey10-2-32-0T Elsey19.5-3-56-3
R Priestley10-1-30-3D Harrison13-3-38-1
G Shaw12-1-30-2C Brooks 3-0-20-0
R Chettle8-1-37-2


7th September Clifton v Thrumpton Clifton won by 39 runs

J Kempct I Smithb A Pick19R Priestleyct J Pirtb J Vickerstaff14
J Vickerstaffct D Swiftb R Pick71I Adkinstb D Kemp25
J Pirt b A Pick22G Shawstb J Kemp7
D Kemp b A Pick0R Pickct J Deavesb D Kemp30
B Thorpect D Singhb R Pick51A Pickstb J Kemp58
M Deavesct A Pickb G Shaw1 A Baileyct H Elliottb J Kemp25
H Elliottct A Baileyb R Pick13A FootittRun Out 11
K ThorpeRetired 26D Singhct M Deavesb J Kemp3
J DeavesRun Out0I Smithct K Thorpeb J Kemp0
J ThorpeNot Out 1R Smithct J Pirtb B Thorpe0
M ThorpeNot Out2D SwiftNot Out 4
Extras25 Extras17
231-8 Total192
A Pick15-2-49-3J Kemp13-3-34-5
G Shaw 9-0-57-1J Vickerstaff 7-1-36-1
R Priestley 4-0-27-0D Kemp 9-2-42-2
A Footitt 5-0-37-0M Deaves 3-0-27-0
R Pick 7-0-28-3K Thorpe 4-0-38-0
B Thorpe0.2-0-0-1